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Xishuangbanna Chenxing International Health City

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Jinghong, xishuangbanna, yunnan province, make maple resort pointed zhuang road no. 1
United fold spell residential, high-level, hotel, business, the kindergarten
Product description

  Chenxing international health city project is located in the south of Jinghong City, the capital of Xishuangbanna Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, which is the "most national tourist resort". It is adjacent to Mengbi Buddhist temple with strong religious and historical and cultural flavor in the West. It is adjacent to the virgin forest in the South and facing Jinghong City in the north. The total land area is 335 Mu and the total construction area is 290000 square meters. It has a unique tropical natural environment, strong ethnic customs, superior geographical environment, cultural accumulation and historical inheritance.

  The demonstration area of the project has been completed, which is composed of commercial and residential parts. The commercial part is arranged along the urban interface, including Yueyuan Hotel, international kindergarten and Wanfang folk custom commercial district under banyan tree; the residential part is far away from the noise of the city and is arranged on the hillside overlooking the beautiful scenery. The commercial part is separated from the residential part by the space created by the building enclosure and the height difference formed by the natural terrain, forming a clear dynamic and static state Two groups of building communities.

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