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Jinghong Xishuangbanna Lancang River olive dam project

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Jinghong, xishuangbanna, yunnan province, make maple resort pointed zhuang road no. 1
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  Lancang River International Eco cultural tourism resort project is the first batch of landmark demonstration projects of transformation and upgrading of tourism and cultural industry determined by Yunnan provincial Party committee and provincial government. The overall planning area is about 70 square kilometers. The project is aimed at creating a high-quality "international ecological cultural tourism resort" facing the world.

  Olive dam Dai water town is one of the sub projects of the construction of Lancang River international ecological and cultural tourism resort. The project covers an area of 11200 mu. It takes national culture and eco-tourism as the main development direction, and takes water culture, bridge culture and architectural culture into consideration. At the beginning of the project construction, it has established the goal of high positioning, high quality, multi-dimensional scenery and multi system supporting of characteristic tourism town.

  Chenxing development combines the national ecological town, industry and city integration, Rural Revitalization Strategy and large healthy human settlement demand, adapts to the innovation and win-win development mode of industry, culture, tourism and finance, and widely combines market, resources and capital elements to comprehensively form the business sectors of ecological town, industry and finance platform, intelligent operation and output, and transforms and upgrades into a "healthy life service provider" and forms a health branch Technology town and health culture and tourism town two major product lines.

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